Saturday, March 31, 2012

Van Horne Ski Trip

On March 18th and 19th Van Horne Jewelers sponsored a ski trip to Boyne Highlands. Van Horne Jewelers rented two condos that could accommodate up to 20 people. We had seven staff members and their families take advantage of our company sponsored trip.  June, Chingiz and Mitch had never skied before, took a ski lesson, and all three made at least partially down the hill.  Mitch did the best, including making it down a strong blue at Boyne Mountain on our second day.

The trip was a summertime snow ski experience.  Daytime temperatures were close to 80 degrees. Madison, Ben, and Kevin chose shorts and t-shirts to fly down the hills; Bill, being slightly smarter, chose sweats and a t-shirt as race gear to edge Madison out in the speed contest. Please note Madison wants a rematch next year.

Please stop by our store and view our 400 pictures plus sideshow and ask for ski stories.  Also, Madison has a photo album with trip highlights from this trip and other Van Horne Jewelers adventures.


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