Thursday, April 19, 2012

Van Horne's New Laser Welder

Fifteen years ago, Van Horne Jewelers became the first jeweler in Michiana to adopt laser technology. Van Horne Jewelers purchased its first laser welder from Crafford Industries. The factory technician sent out to train Van Horne Jewelers on our new laser welder informed us that we were one of their first sales to a retail jewelry store; most of their sales had been to jewelry manufacturers.

Now, Van Horne Jewelers is Michana's first jeweler to have two laser welders for its goldsmith shop. Van Horne Jewelers purchased its second laser welder to accommodate its four fulltime goldsmiths. Dan Leonhardt, who helped pick our first welder, spent two days at the 2011 Las Vegas Jewelry Show to determine which machine was the best. Dan did an excellent job and we have now used our new laser welder for over a month. We are amazed with the progress in efficiencies of our new laser welder.

Huge Chicago Jewelry Show Coming Soon

The SMART Jewelry Show is coming April 21 - 23, 2012 to Chicago's historic Navy Pier.  Naturally Van Horne Jewelers will be there to ensure that Van Horne continues to have the extensive collection of the latest styles that you expect from Michiana's finest jeweler.  Van Horne will continue its commitment to traditional fine jewelry.
The SMART Show will have over 550 great exhibitors.  All the top manufacturers will be represented to fulfill any one's jewelry dreams.  If there is a particular piece of jewelry that has excited you or you have seen a unique item, but can't find it in any store -- visit Van Horne Jewelers and identify it.  Representatives of Van Horne Jewelers will do their best to find it for you at the SMART Show.