Thursday, April 29, 2010

Knee Surgery

Van Horne's owner, Madison Knight got two new knees on 4-19-10. He had been wanting knees for many years. The original injury that messed up his knees occurred 32 years ago and has caused trouble ever since, so he was excited for the opportunity of new knees. The time finally came, and Madison chose Dr. Mark Klaassen from Elkhart. In the last 3 years Madison had heard many good recommendations from Van Horne's customers.

On meeting Dr. Klaassen, he learned that Dr. Klaassen helped develop a new method with Biomet that would use a MRI machine to scan his ankles, knees, and hips. Using the MRI scans, a sophisticated software program would then calculate the precise dimensions needed to make castings of his knees and guides for the bone saw. Since the software program would have the precise dimensions of Madison's knees, it would also be able to figure out how to design the castings and guides so as to correct Madison's life-long bowleggedness. At the time of the surgery, the guides would screw onto his femur and tibia to guide the bone saw and ensure complete accuracy.

The surgery went off well, and now Madison has two straight knees. One week after surgery, he went to his first therapy session at OSMC and was given the go ahead to use a cane instead of his walker. He misses work and hopes to start phasing back soon.

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